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We are in the heart of the San Fernando Valley. House calls are available in the privacy of your own home within the greater Los Angeles area.

Astrid Howe has over 18 years experience delivering massages with a specialty unsurpassed by anyone. Her cellulite massage gets the results you can't find anywhere else, even with surgery.



  1. 1 Cellulite Massage
    Cellulite massage and manipulation is the most aggressive approach to combating the cottage cheese or orange peel effect that plagues 75% of the bodies of American women today.
  2. 2 Deep Tissue Massage
    Deep tissue massage techniques are generally a more focused massage therapy.
  3. 3 Sports Massage
    A sports massage involves specific stretching techniques to help prevent soreness and injury.

Fascia Blaster

Our practice incorporates the Fascia Blaster and and other tools that give you even better results than the Fascia Blaster alone. I also use a body tool to get into stubborn places. Fascia is pliable and if you can up root the underpinnings of the cellulite you can change the shape . These techniques cause bruising and they always heal. Fascia blasting is the only real way to get rid of stubborn cellulite . You can get great results in no time .