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Valley Cellulite Massage offers;

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Fascia Blaster

Therapeutic Massage or Cellulite Massage:

Our practice incorporates the Fascia Blaster and and other tools that give you even better results than the Fascia Blaster alone. I also use a body tool to get into stubborn places. Fascia is pliable and if you can up root the underpinnings of the cellulite you can change the shape . These techniques cause bruising and they always heal. Fascia blasting is the only real way to get rid of stubborn cellulite . You can get great results in no time .

Fascia Blaster VS Other Body Contour Tools

There has been alot of hype about some body contour tools on the market including the Fascia Blaster.  I personally have used a body tool on my clients for the past 25 years with great results. 

It truthfully doesn’t matter what tool you use if the person using it doesn’t have the strength to break up the Cellulite. 

There are underpinnings that cause the dimples especially on the buttocks and thigh. These are the most stubborn spots and can take extra sessions to loosen .Whether using the Fascia Blaster or another body tool or my knuckles, the point is to go deep, often deep enough to bruise.
Fascia Blaster can be good if used in the right strong hands

The old tissue must be broken down so that healthy tissue can grow and renew the areas. The damaged tissue gets reabsorbed into the body through various path ways and gets eliminated through the blood, liver, kidneys, skin, urine and bowels.

I have done so many of these treatments that I know exactly what is needed in each area. Sometimes the tool I use has to change its direction and angel to hit the lump from another side before its loosened. Some Cellulite skims right off the top and other Cellulite is more difficult to get totally rid of. I always give my clients results and most people stay on a maintenance program with me after the worst of the sessions are over.

I feel that the plastic surgery industry has done a great dis-service to the Cellulite business by making very expensive treatments with all kinds of machines that give minimal to no results at all. I’ve taken note over the years that the FDA would never approve a machine that could give the kind of bruising that I can give manually. This I feel is the only cure for Cellulite.

If you are thinking about purchasing a Fascia Blaster or any other contour tool just be sure what you are getting yourself into. Most people impulsively buy this stuff and then its sits on the shelf or the person doesn’t have the muscle to bear down hard enough to make a difference or they can’t seem to inflict the amount pressure/pain that it takes to get long lasting results. When it comes to Cellulite reduction, you really have to do an aggressive series of treatments to get the results.

My Yelp reviews are all very positive; I have one employee Charlotte that I have trained for over 6 years. When you make an appointment with Valley Cellulite Massage you will either get worked on by me or Charlotte. We both can handle even the most difficult case of cellulite. I am located in Sherman Oaks with very easy access to the 405 or 101 freeways and we both do house calls as well.